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add one moronic illness
stir in some medication which causes hair to fall out
mix it all up and this is what you get...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Anxious eats... 

I don't often do foodie posts as I feel there are some dedicated blogs out there which do a *much* better job, but I wanted to share with you one of the meals I've been enjoying making this summer.

There's something about North African/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food which I find irresistible, from my first experience of falafel on a food stall at the Ideal Home Exhibition (of all places) during my teenage years. Sometimes I wonder if I don't have a bit of Middle Eastern blood in me: I have before been accused of being "an arab" by a nutcase at a bus stop - who knows, maybe the nutcase was right all along!

Living in London means that you can sample the cuisine of so many different countries and it's the main thing I miss now that I live in a small, extremely uncosmopolitan town. There are of course those from around the county who view it as a heaving metropolis. Bless.

So, may I present for your delectation an "anxious" attempt at a middle-eastern style meal:

Marinated lamb, halloumi, red pepper and black olive kebabs served with tabouleh and a lemon and coriander yoghurt dressing.

We like.

Oh, and in case you're a new reader (unlikely, I know, but hey), here's the lowdown on this 'ere blog. Also available down yonder sidebar.

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