take one woman with low self esteem, but quite good hair
add one moronic illness
stir in some medication which causes hair to fall out
mix it all up and this is what you get...

Monday, January 09, 2006

S*it com 

In preparation for my translation exam (which happens to be next week - *shudder*), I'm trying to "consume" as much French as possible. I've already subscribed to "Le Monde" and I plough through the articles whenever I have a chance to sit down (which doesn't appear to be as often as I'd like), jotting down acronyms, buzzwords, names of government officials and other interesting bits of vocabulary relevant to current affairs.

I've also taken to watching TV5: a satellite channel which brings together a selection of popular programmes from a variety of Francophone countries.

Unfortunately, the programme which happens to be on when I'm eating my muesli or drinking my tea in the morning is not exactly the most educational, unless your particular field of study is "Programmes which make Hollyoaks seem almost watchable". The programme to which I refer is "Un gars, une fille" ; a gem of French Canadian comedy, apparently. The jolly japes of a hapless couple with mild doses of slapstick - nah, not my kind of thing at all.

It *is* interesting, however, to note that the programme is shown with French subtitles. Remember, this is a French-speaking programme, albeit Canadian French (or Québecois), on a French-speaking channel. Presumably, the subtitles have been added by TV5 for the benefit of French speakers outside of Québec, who may struggle to understand the babbling of the protagonists. I must say, as someone who learned her French in France, the accent does sound strange: rather like Americans attempting to speak French using an out-of-date dictionary for added spice. Though, of course, their accent is as valid as any other (she says, vainly attempting to dig herself out of potential accusations of "accent snobbery")...


Dear feckless youth

I'm assuming it was you (or one of your ilk) who kindly engraved "BUM BOX" in the frost on my back windscreen at some time on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I had to scrape off your modern art installation, due to the fact that I wouldn't have been able to see out through my rear view mirror.




Dear Cat

You seem to have surpassed yourself in the "doing amusing things" stakes. I know you like to drink from a variety of sources of water (drain cover indentations, muddy pots in the garden, droplets on rubbish bags) except, of course, for the bowl we put out for you. But standing in a bath, licking it, does seem a rather peculiar thing to do. Although you'll be telling me I should count myself lucky that you weren't supping from the toilet bowl, as some of your fellow felines have been known to do...



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